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Camera inspection expert

To get the most out of your sanitary installations, you must carefully clean your drains. This is why the As Du Débouchage recommends a camera inspection of your pipes for a diagnosis of your sanitation system.

If you are located in the French Riviera, our company offers you the best services in terms of camera inspection. Take advantage of technological advances and our latest generation equipment

Remember to film your plumbing system.

When should you have a camera inspection of your pipes? What does it involve and why should you contact us for this task? At As Du Débouchage, we recommend a camera inspection of your wastewater drains as soon as their clogging becomes recurrent.

If, for example, you live in Nice  and you unclog your drains at least once a year, you should think about contacting us to find out more about the causes of these frequent clogs.

Since these clogs are not only your fault, knowing the real causes will allow you to take appropriate measures.

To this end, our company will assign an expert to carry out this technical assessment. His intervention will allow us to know if the clogs are due to rust, limescale deposits, a break or a bad installation of the pipe, a stuck object… In short, this solution allows us to carry out a clear diagnosis of the state of your pipe, for an effective treatment over the long term.

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Our thorough camera inspection

Apart from the use of high-performance equipment, our technician ensures a methodical search of your plumbing system. Because we are committed to the highest quality of our service. Moreover, all our services are deployed around this fundamental value for our company. With this in mind, the specialist delegated by As du débouchage carries out work in 4 main stages.

Firstly, our technician hydrocures the underground installations. This process frees up the camera’s path and optimises the quality of the reports to be issued. Next comes the stage of inserting the camera into the pipe.

Then we move on to the actual inspection phase. At this stage, our specialist goes through each installation point by point while noting down the remarks. Finally, a detailed report is produced to give you an overview of your drainage system. Once again, at As du débouchage, we make the difference.

French Riviera 

We offer the best rates on the market

Whether you are in Mougins, Nice or Antibes, opt for our camera inspection service. In fact, our company offers a flexible rate. This takes into account the type of installation as well as the logistics involved in the evaluation of your drain.

We also strive to offer you the best value for money so that we can better support you in the maintenance of your sanitary installations.

Ask the As du débouchage to clean your drains.

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